Montana State University - 1. NRSM 455 Riparian

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Families: 17
Genera: 35
Species: 45
Total Taxa: 45

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Cirsium arvense - Canadian Thistle
NA, .5m-1m, Invasive
Solidago canadensis - Canadian Goldenrod
FACU, .7m-1m, Climax
Tanacetum vulgare - Common Tansy
NA, .7m-1m, Invasive
Alnus incana - Speckled Alder
FACW, .7m-1m, Pioneer but very long-lived
Symphoricarpos albus - Common Snowberry
UPL, >=1m, Mid-seral to Climax
Cornus sericea - Red Osier
FACW, 0m-1.5m, Late-seral
Carex nebrascensis - Nebraska Sedge
OBL, .5-.7m, mid-seral
Carex utriculata - Northwest Territory Sedge
OBL, 0-.5m, Climax, *beaked sedge*
FAC, .7m-1m, Invasive
Shepherdia argentea - Silver Buffalo-Berry
FACW, .7m-1m, Climax
Equisetum arvense - Field Horsetail
FAC, 0-1m, mid-seral
FACW, .4m-.7m, Mid-seral
Juncus balticus - Baltic Rush
FACW, 0-1m, Climax
FAC, >1.5m, Late-seral to Climax
Epilobium ciliatum - Fringed Willowherb
FACW, .4m-1m, Climax
Mimulus guttatus - Seep Monkeyflower
OBL, 0m-.4m, Climax
Agrostis gigantea - Black Bent
FACW, .7m-1m, Naturalized
Alopecurus arundinaceus - Creeping Meadow-Foxtail
FAC, 0m-1m, Introduced, *creeping or meadow foxtail
Bromus inermis - Smooth Brome
NA, >=1m, Introduced
Deschampsia caespitosa - Tufted Hair Grass
FACW, .4m-.7m, Climax, *tufted hairgrass
Elymus repens - Creeping Wild Rye
FC, 1m, Invasive
Hordeum jubatum - Fox-Tail Barley
FACW, .7-1m, Early seral
Leymus cinereus - Great Basin Lyme Grass
FACU, >1m, Climax
Phalaris arundinacea - Reed Canary Grass
FACW, .5m-.7m, Invasive
Phleum pratense - Common Timothy
FACU, .5m-.7m, Introduced
FACW, 0m-1m, Climax
Poa pratensis - Kentucky Blue Grass
FAC, .7m-1m, Naturalized
Spartina pectinata - Freshwater Cord Grass
OBL, .5m-.7m, Mid-seral
Crataegus douglasii - Black Hawthorn
FAC, >1.5m, Climax
Dasiphora fruticosa - Golden-Hardhack
FACW, .5m-.7m, Late-seral
Prunus americana - American Plum
UPL, >=1m, Early to Mid-seral
Prunus virginiana - Choke Cherry
UPL, >=1m, Mid-seral to Climax
Rosa woodsii - Woods' Rose
FACU, >=1m, Pioneer
Populus deltoides - Eastern Cottonwood
OBL when young, FACW when mature, 0m to >1.5m, Pioneer
Populus tremuloides - Quaking Aspen
FAC, >=1.5m, Late-seral
OBL when young, FACW when mature, 0m to >1.5m, Pioneer, *black cottonwood
Salix amygdaloides - Peach-Leaf Willow
FACW, .4m-.7m, Pioneer to Early
Salix bebbiana - Gray Willow
FACW, .5m-.7m, Mid-seral to Climax
Salix boothii - Barren-Ground Willow
FACW, .4m-.7m, Pioneer to Early
Salix drummondiana - Drummond's Willow
OBL, .4M-.7M, Drummond willow
Salix exigua - Narrow-Leaf Willow
OBL, .4m-.7m, Pioneer, *sandbar willow
Salix geyeriana - Geyer's Willow
OBL, .4m-.7m, Mid-seral to Climax
Salix lutea - Yellow Willow
OBL, .4m-.7m, Pioneer to Early
Acer negundo - Ash-Leaf Maple
FAC, >1.5m, Mid-seral
Tamarix ramosissima - Five-Stamen Tamarisk
FACW, <1m, Invasive