Waterloo Recreation Area - Mount Hope Road Fen/Glenn Fen
Authors: Hackett, RA; Karbowski, HM; Peters, S; Monfils, AK;
Citation: Hackett RA, Monfils MJ, Monfils AK (2016) Evaluating a sampling protocol for assessing plant diversity in prairie fens. Wetland Ecology and Management 24:609–622. doi: 10.1007/s11273-016-9491-1
Locality: Mt Hope Road Fen (42.310100, -84.208600)

Prairie fen dominated by Carex, Asteraceae, and grasses but encroachment by shrubs (Rubus, Cornus, Betula, Toxicodendron vernix). A few pockets and walls of shrub-carr and wooded fen. Evidence of some management. Hummocky in areas from Carex stricta, other areas dominated by other Carex and Dasiphora fruticosa. State owned.

For more information about the Prairie Fen Research Collaborative, visit https://www.researchgate.net/project/Prairie-Fen-Research-Collaborative

Notes: Also known as Glenn Fen. Direct questions about data and data usage to Anna K Monfils (monfi1ak@cmich.edu).

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Families: 47
Genera: 99
Species: 148
Total Taxa: 149

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Rachel Hackett... RHHK402 [CMC], Rachel Hackett RHHK644 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK644 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK644 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett RHHK645 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK645 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK645 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK645 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett RHHK182 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK430 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK182 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK182 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett... RHHK67 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK465 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK465 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK465 [PFBP], more...
Chelsi Abbott 2 [CMC], Rachel Hackett RHHK301 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... HK16 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK301 [PFBP], more...
Rachel Hackett... RHHK661 [CMC], Rachel Hackett RHHK661 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett RHHK661 [PFBP], Rachel Hackett... RHHK661 [PFBP], more...